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Metal packaging digital: from dream to reality (I)

- Jan 21, 2019 -

As an important component of China's packaging industry, the output value of metal packaging accounts for about 10% of the total value of China's packaging industry, mainly providing packaging services for food, beverage, cosmetics and other industries. However, with the popularity and development of mobile Internet, the metal packaging industry is getting more and more impact. The traditional metal packaging information output stays in the visual transmission, the lack of new digital application, can not meet the current changes in people's consumption concept and enhance the demand for packaging.


The necessity of digital metal packaging

Fake, Cuanhuo and commodity security problems emerge in an endless stream from 8 years ago to the recent tainted milk formula L'OREAL, affordable herbal cosmetics frequently refers to contain harmful substances, food, cosmetics and other fake phenomenon (see Figure 1) and product safety problems emerge in an endless stream (see Figure 2).

The new "food and drug safety law" explicitly stipulates that the state establish food and drug safety traceability system, food, drug producers and operators shall in accordance with the provisions of this law, the establishment of food and drug safety traceability system to ensure food and drug traceability; and with the fake, Cuanhuo phenomenon is becoming increasingly serious, the entire life cycle of the product anti-counterfeiting the origin, Cuanhuo is more and more metal packaging enterprises (not limited to the food, pharmaceutical industry) is the inevitable demand.


Packing brought consumer experience and brand sense of publicity from the metal packaging function, mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the natural function, namely the protection of commodities; the other is a social function, namely the commodity information transmission function. The information transfer function of traditional metal packaging stays on the plane, and the information is limited and fixed. The consumer's sense of experience and the commodity marketing and brand publicity through packaging are not enough. As we know, traditional marketing and branding methods focus on advertising, telephone, television, etc., which requires enterprises to invest huge amounts of money. With the rapid development and popularization of the Internet and mobile terminal equipment, packaging should play a more important role in enhancing consumer experience, mobile marketing and brand publicity.

The whole idea of digital metal packaging

In the two-dimensional code, AR augmented reality (image recognition), RFID electronic tags for packaging the data on the entrance, through the information acquisition of raw materials, production, warehousing, logistics, sales, consumption and other aspects, to build smart material assembly data platform (see Figure 3), cloud computing, mobile Internet technology, product traceability, security, mobile marketing, brand promotion and other functions, so that consumers use the product more safe and secure, enhance consumer experience, enhance corporate brand publicity.

In other words, through the use of two-dimensional code, AR, RFID, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data technology, each metal packaging into a media, enhance the information transmission function, on the one hand to achieve product security and traceability function, on the other hand can move product marketing and brand publicity function.


Digital technology of metal packaging

A core application of things as a proposed two-dimensional code and two-dimensional code metal packaging digital networking "" 12th Five-Year "development plan" in the. As the key application technology of the Internet of things and e-commerce, the two-dimensional code technology is the best means of implementation in the development of the Internet of things. With low cost, simple, and endowed the scan code to read the data, strong anti-interference ability to store a large amount of information, high confidentiality, two-dimensional code development ushered in the best time in history, has become the entrance of mobile Internet and O2O convenient and key.

In the two-dimensional code as the information carrier and data entrance, due to its storage and encryption features, through the docking base and metal packaging and its customer enterprise ERP system, purchase system, production system, storage system and sharing of data and complete the information collection of product acquisition, in raw material production, warehousing, logistics, sales, consumption, based on the construction of "a matter of a code security, traceability, mobile marketing wisdom IOT cloud platform. Scanning recognition and wireless communication and positioning technology with intelligent mobile terminal equipment, to realize the whole life cycle of product security verification, tracking and tracing, Cuanhuo monitoring, strengthening the management of enterprise products, the fight against fake and shoddy, maintaining market order, enhance the brand image of enterprises.