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Maintenance and Cleaning of Tea Tins

- Nov 24, 2018 -

As the tin cans are not plated on any material above, put an end to the trouble of falling off the surface, just a simple maintenance can keep the original tin luster: just clean with water or neutral detergent, and then soft texture Dry cloth smooth lines can be dry. Tin tank to avoid contact with grease as much as possible, such as accidentally stained with some difficult to remove the dirt, should not use hard objects grinding scraping, can be placed in the sewage with a cotton cloth with cotton cloth wipe, decontamination can be, local stains available pure Cotton cloth polished paste wipe.

Frosted surface of the tin cans products, can be used to clean the warm soapy water; and smooth tin equipment, to wash the quality of silver water after wiping, can maintain a lasting bright shiny. Tea Tins If you live by the sea, please always use a damp cloth to wipe the white tin handicrafts, because the air will make its luster darker. After cleaning, be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry in time, because the residual cleaning agent and water droplets will damage the tin surface gloss. The melting point of tin is low (231.89 ℃), should not be placed in the fire for a long time baking.

First heard its "sound". Pure tin material ductility is good, because the distortion of sound, so called "ring tin". Crafts twisted after the variant, so the purchase can not use this method, but we can through a more simple way to "smell the sound": the nail from the palm of the hand gently swept the tin, 97% of the tin has a clear metal Sound and short echo; 99.9% of the tin sound is not brittle nor echo, is superior tin.

And then look at its "color". Pure tin, color such as silver, bright as a mirror! Content of 97% of the tin after polishing is not white, are dark; content of 99.9% of the tin after polishing silver was bright, is superior tin, looks like silver. And modern originated in the tin are old "spot tin", characterized by 99.9% of the purity must be significant spot, in addition to polishing at the "color, such as silver", but also highlight the black, white, gray light texture effect, so that Tin exquisitely carved, Huaguang Yi Cai, is fine tin device.