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Main features of longitudinal seam automatic welding machine

- Jul 04, 2018 -

1 welding host uses cantilever structure, two cantilever beam welding back fire to stress treatment, to ensure long-term deformation of the beam;

2 Pneumatic keyboard compression structure, along the sides of the straight seam arranged tightly, to ensure that the butt weld in the entire welding length of the uniform pressure, the left and right keys pressure finger spacing can be adjusted to adapt to different workpiece welding;

3 According to the workpiece thickness can be used air bag type or cylinder type, to ensure that there is sufficient pressure to prevent the welding process of thermal deformation;

4 Welding mandrel inlaid with copper fixture, provide welding Shiba protection function, according to cylinder or plate workpiece processing different welding process groove, to achieve single-sided welding double-sided molding;

5 Welding mandrel and keyboard pressure finger spacing adjustable, can adapt to different workpiece welding requirements;

6 Torch is driven by DC servo motor, gear rack drive, track surface by grinding, smooth walking, welding stable and reliable. 7 all trachea, cable placed in the chain, the appearance of neat and beautiful, while avoiding cable disconnection.

The following is a list of barrels of straight seam welding machine technology for reference (plate butt welding is another model)

Longitudinal seam automatic welding machine model: ZF-1000 (ZF stands for longitudinal Seam, 1000 represents the maximum diameter of barrel)

Control power supply Single-Phase 50Hz ac220v

Welding workpiece thickness range (mm) 0.5~6

Effective length of welded workpiece (mm) ≤1500

Maximum diameter of welding workpiece ∠1000mm

Minimum diameter of welding workpiece ≥130mm

Skateboard moving speed 100~2500mm/minutes

Slide Walking accuracy 0.2mm

Torch Pneumatic Lifting Stroke 100mm

Torch manual trimming Distance x,z 60mm

Overall dimension (mm) 2540x950x1900

Weight 1500kg

(mainly used for butt welding of barrel body straight seam)