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How automatic sealing machine should be cleaned

- Sep 27, 2018 -

Automatic sealing machine generally used in automated production lines, high-volume production lines. Due to the high cost, high yield, high technical, deep get the large firms.



      Seamer by the motor, pulley, spindle, locking pads, columns, lifting table, the right wheel, camshaft and cam, transmission, gear racks and other components. Seamer feed material from the rear end of the cylinder seals leak checks on liquid filling machine piston is damaged, replace if damaged. Confirm the piston and the piston rod fastened. Piston aluminum frame is in the center of the pot.


     Automatic sealing machine vacuum pump chamber half-time cleaning dust, dirt, cleaning hood fan, fan wheel, ventilation grille, cooling fins (compressed air cleaning). Once a year to replace the exhaust filter, clean or replace the air inlet filter (compressed air cleaning). Every 500-2000 hours to replace oil pump and oil filter.


     Automatic sealing machine Liquid frangible plastic bottles encapsulating device needs to reverse directional filling plastic bottles and then transport it into orbit for filling and sealing between the bottle and the bottom cover. Due to excessive liquid retained in the sealing of the seal it will seriously affect the quality or leaking, in order to ensure the quality of the sealing, sealing machine liquid filling heads need to be synchronized with the filling level rises. GY series filling machine is semi-automatic piston filling machine. Driven by a piston cylinder to extract and play materials with a one-way valve to control the flow of materials, magnetic reed switch control cylinder stroke, you can adjust the amount of filling.