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Home Tin Can Sealing Machine

- Aug 15, 2018 -

Application: The equipment is specially designed for automatic round can seaming. The machine is applied for the sealing of the bottom caps of the tin/ tinplate round cans, especially for the 18/20L round cans, such as paint buckets, steel pails and so on.

This machine is also equipped with 3 seaming cams and 6 sealing rollers, which makes it can be applied for 5-layer and 7-layer round cans.

This machine works stably; its structure and operation are easy. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, which is of low noise and long service life. Its sealing quality is reliable.



Advantages: The machine has the advantages of stable operation, sealing range span, simple operation, convenient adjustment, the key parts are made of high precision machining equipment, and machining accuracy is improved, to ensure the stability of machine operation.

1. It is easy to installation.

2. It has strict quality management system.

4. We can provide professional services.

5. We only supply high quality products.

6. We provide variety types for selection.

7. The price is competitive.

8. We can promise prompt delivery.

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