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History of packaging

- Oct 17, 2018 -

The Original Packaging

The history of human use of packaging can chase the plastic to the ancient times. As early as in the late primitive society, about 10,000 years ago, with the improvement of production technology, production develop, with the remaining items to be stored and the exchange began to appear original packaging. Initially, people kudzu strapping catch, wrapped in plant leaves, shells, skins and other items, original packaging development of the embryo. The future, with the improvement of labor skills, people such as plant fibers produced the most primitive basket, baskets, fire calcined stone, mud made of mud pots, mud bowl and mud filling used to dress, preserve food, drinks and other items packaged for easy transport, storage and custodial functions initial improvement. This is an ancient packaging, original packaging.
Second, traditional packaging

About 5000 BC, humans began to enter the Bronze Age. 4000 years ago, China's Xia Dynasty, the Chinese people have been able to smelting bronze, Shang and Zhou dynasties, bronze smelting technology further development. Spring and Autumn Period, people grasp the cast iron steelmaking technologies and paints paint technology, iron container, painted wooden container large numbers. Began in ancient Egypt, BC 3000 blown glass container. Therefore, ceramics, glass, wood, metal processing a variety of packaging containers have been thousands of years of history, many techniques through continuous improvement development has been used until now. As early as the Han Dynasty, 105 years BC Cai Lun invented papermaking. In 61 years, China papermaking spread to Japan by the Koryo; introduced to Europe in the 13th century, the first German to build a large paper mill. The mid-11th century, China Bi Sheng invented movable type. In the 15th century, Europe began letterpress printing, packaging printing and packaging and decoration industry began to develop. 16th century European ceramics industry began to develop; built a glass factory in the United States, began to produce a variety of glass containers. At this point, ceramic, glass, wood, metal and other materials in the packaging industry began to develop modern traditional packaging excessive to modern packaging.

Modern Packaging

Since the 16th century, due to the rapid development of industrial production, particularly in the industrial revolution in Europe in the 19th century, has greatly promoted the development of the packaging industry, which laid the foundation for the generation and the establishment of the modern packaging industry and packaging technology. The end of the 18th century, the French scientist invented the sterilization method packaging store food, glass canned food and tinplate food cans in the early 19th century, the rapid development of the food packaging science. In the 19th century, the packaging industry began full development, 1800 mechanisms Crate appear, first Fourdrinier in the United Kingdom in 1814, 1818 tinned metal cans, in 1856, the United States invented the corrugated, the 1860 European system into a bag making machine in 1868, invented the first synthetic plastic bags - celluloid, railway freight yard Transport Committee in 1890 and started to recognize corrugated boxes as the official transportation containers. The beginning of the 20th century, the rapid development of science and technology, new materials, new technologies continue to emerge, polyethylene, paper, glass, aluminum foil, various plastics, composites and other packaging materials are widely used, sterile packaging, shock-proof packaging, anti-theft packaging, insurance packaging, combination packaging, composite packaging technology has become more sophisticated, and in many ways to strengthen the functions of the packaging. Began in the late 20th century, the rapid development of international trade, the packaging has been valued by the world, about 90% of the merchandise subject to varying degrees of different types of packaging, packaging has become an indispensable important part of the process of commodity production and circulation. Currently, electronic technology, laser technology, microwave technology is widely used in the packaging industry, packaging design and implementation of computer-aided design (CAD), packaging production mechanization and automation of production. Packaging industry and technology development, and promote the formation of packaging scientific research and packaging,. The packaging discipline Hangai physics, chemistry, biology, humanities, arts, and other aspects of knowledge are interdisciplinary group of Integrated Science, organic absorption and integration of the different disciplines of the new theory, new materials, new technologies and new processes, from systems engineering point of view to solve the comprehensive protection, storage, transportation, and to promote the sale of goods circulation process. Classification of packaging disciplines diverse, usually classified as a packaging material science, School of packaging, transportation, packaging technology, packaging design, packaging, packaging decoration, packaging, testing, packaging machinery learn decile disciplines. At present, China has more than 40 colleges and universities opened packaging engineering, packaging personnel is growing.