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Characteristics of automatic welding machine with annular seam

- Jul 04, 2018 -

The following will be applied to the welding machine which welding parts, the main structural features described below

⒈a vertical annular seam automatic welder: HF (L) Its meaning is annular seam (LI), the following lift a weld ring diameter of 200mm model technical parameters are as follows

Control power: single-phase 220v,50hz structure form: Single column tilting type

Tilt adjustment mode: stepless, worm-gear adjustment

Tilt Angle Range: 0-±90 degree

Welding parts Diameter (mm): 0~200

Spindle speed: 0~7RMP or 0.5~14RMP

Weld Range of annular seam: 0~1080度

Pneumatic stroke of Torch: 100

Manual trimming distance of torch: X,y,z to 60mm

Maximum current of the collector ring 300A Vertical ring Seam Automatic welder is a small, inexpensive, easy to operate, can complete a variety of small round, annular weld welding of the general automatic welding equipment.

The biggest characteristic is suitable for some small workpiece ring seam welding, and the workpiece is not suitable, long as the length of the workpiece is better for welding. The main controller uses the motion controller programmable controller as the core control unit, according to the user request, causes the entire equipment to have the very strong intelligence and the flexibility, is one has the high grade, the high cost performance and the reliability controller. The controller has the manual adjustment and the automatic welding control function, the revolving mechanism is driven by the DC servo motor, stepless adjusts the welding speed, the welding speed is displayed by the digital display on the control Panel, uses the independent speed regulating circuit, the weld seam overlap quantity may be preset digitally, after welding the torch the high speed reset

The controller can use a variety of control output signal selection and output interface according to the requirements of welding technology, which has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, high reliability, stable speed regulation, convenient operation and high automation, and can widely apply the welding control of annular weld workpiece.