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Automatic welding machine of imitation ring seam

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Imitation annular seam automatic welder is a new type of welding equipment developed for the saddle Weld and the elliptical weld which is formed by the vertical cross of pipe and pipe in the process of welding production. It is suitable for cylinder body and nut, automobile fuel tank nozzle, water heater cylinder body and outlet nozzle, Water heater heating pipe and fixed mounting plate, hydraulic oil cylinder nozzle, air-conditioning compressor nuts and other workpiece welding. The welding machine is composed of pressure locating mechanism, bed body, copying mechanism, torch regulating mechanism and control system. Can be adapted to different sizes of saddle-type joints or pipe-plate joints welding.

Welding power supply can be selected by the melting pole gas shielded welding power supply or TIG welding power source.

The vertical bed adopts the welding structure, the wire feeder is arranged on the upright column, and the front end of the column is equipped with a torch head mounting plate.

Main Features:

The rotary head of the torch is driven by a DC deceleration motor, its rotary speed realizes the stepless speed regulation, and the welding lap quantity is set up by digital preset.

CNC mechanism for the single axis or multi-axis numerical control, the use of stepper motor or AC servo motor drive, welding torch for the ring seam when the CNC mechanism driven torch to do up and down to do imitation shape movement.

Welding fixture to ensure the axial and radial positioning of the workpiece, by adjusting the positioning point of the welding fixture and replacing the centering shaft, can realize the different nut workpiece automatic welding.

Head Swing Device: can achieve the head swing, increase weld width, swing frequency, swing amplitude stepless adjustable;

The pneumatic lifting mechanism of the torch adopts cylinder to promote the repetition accuracy.

The three-dimensional regulating mechanism of the torch is used to fine-tune the initial welding position of the torch. The main control cabinet uses the motion controller programmable control control, the main control operation box is the independent part, all movement adjustment and the welding operation may complete in this.